They Have Arrived!!

Darla has welcomed 10 healthy puppies! They arrived very early this morning. Mom and pups are doing great. We had 6 females and 4 males. Chocolate or Black in color with white markings. We are now accepting deposits to reserve your pick in line. You have until they...

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Darla Had Puppies!

Darla welcomed 9 healthy pups last night. Mom is doing great and taking very good care of her babies. We will be posting pictures soon! Get your deposits in today to reserve your pup!

9 Puppies!

Darla is expecting 9 puppies!! She went to the vet today and they confirmed 9 puppies are to be expected. She is doing great! We should be expecting puppies on January 3rd. We will announce with puppies have arrived and will be taking deposits then!

5 Week Pictures

They puppies have changed A LOT this past week.If you head over to current litters you will see the difference just one week makes in looks. Their personalities are flourishing and they are so much fun. Every morning I go out and say “Good Morning Guys!”...

Puppy video

The puppies turn 3 weeks old tomorrow! Their eyes are fully open now and are starting to walk around more. Today was their first day of full backyard freedom and I think they like it....

Picture Update

We have updated pictures here for the puppies! They are now 1 week old and changing in looks in so many ways. They have gotten so much bigger! They are eating great and gaining weight like crazy! GET YOUR DEPOSIT IN TODAY TO SAVE YOUR PICK!

Puppies are here!!

May had 8 healthy pups yesterday! She did a fantastic job and is doing great today! Pictures are posted here. Now accepting deposits!

May Update

May is doing fantastic! We got her whelping box all set up and ready to go for her. We went to the vet on Wednesday and they confirmed that that are at least 6 puppies! She is getting lots of extra love the closer we get to puppy time. She clings to us more when she...

May is pregnant!

We are excited to announce that May is pregnant! She is due to have her pups August 1st! May is doing great and getting that extra mama doggie love! We are expecting this litter of pups to be smaller pups. The sire is Rooster who is a smaller poodle.